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2020-2021 IES Regional Workshops- School Improvement
2020-2021 Focus Power! Identifying Priority Standards!
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Workshop Title: 2020-2021 Focus Power!  Identifying Priority Standards!

Workshop Description: IES is proud to embark on it's 1st Priority Standards Workshop Initiative of the 2020-2021 Academic Year.  Join us for these dynamic meetings that will help support instructional needs amid an ever changing society!  Learn how to identify grade specific priority standards to promote student growth and achievement, as well as, ensure educators have the best information to optimize student achievement!

Audience: Teachers, K-12, Administrators and teachers

Alignment to NYS Teaching Standards: 1a Demonstrating Knowledge of Content and Pedagogy, 1c Setting Instructional Outcomes, 1d Demonstrating Knowledge of Resources, 4a Reflecting on Teaching, 4d Participating in the Professional Community, 4e Growing and Developing Professionally, 4f Showing Professionalism

Alignment to Leadership Standards: Standard 1. Effective educational leaders develop, advocate, and enact a shared mission, vision, and core values of high-quality education and academic success and well-being of each student., Standard 2. Ethics and Professional Norms: Effective educational leaders act ethically and according to professional norms to promote each student’s academic success and well-being., Standard 4. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment: Effective educational leaders develop and support intellectually rigorous and coherent systems of curriculum, instruction, and assessment to promote each student’s academic success and well-being., Standard 7. Professional Community for Teachers and Staff: Effective educational leaders foster a professional community of teachers and other professional staff to promote each student’s academic success and well-being.

Alignment to Key Activities in NGLS Phase 2: 

CTLE: Content

CTLE Credits: 8

Workshop Facilitator(s): Erica Case, Donna Nowak, Kristina Dahmer

Date: 8/3/2020, 8/12/2020

Time: 8:30-10:30 am

Workshop Type: Webinar/Zoom

Location: Zoom Conference

Cost: FREE

Coser: COSER 565

Please Note: If the workshop needs to be cancelled, participants will be notified via their email in WinCap Web at least 24 hours prior to the start of the workshop.

Please Note: If you are unable to attend the workshop, please email the facilitator (email above) and Sue Vendette at svendette@e2ccb.org.  A substitute may attend in your place, please email us prior.  We require all cancellations 24 hrs. in advance for regional workshops, your district will be charged if the appropriate notice is not given.    For workshops featuring an outside consultant, we require 1 week notice of cancellation, or your district will be charged if the appropriate notice is not given.

Weather Policy: With the winter season upon us, a reminder about closing procedures. Make sure you follow your districts' procedures when there is a closure. If your district is closed, check and see if you are still obligated to attend the workshop.  If the LoGuidice Center (in Fredonia) is closed, Wheelock Primary School will also close.  If that happens, we will send you an email by 6:30 in the morning canceling the workshop.  We will use the email addresses provided via WinCap Web.

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Activity Detail
Activity Type: IES Regional Workshop - School Improvement
Activity Catalog: 2020-2021 IES Regional Workshops- School Improvement
Activity Number: SIP.1743.001
Professional Development Clock Hours: 8.0000
Certification Maintenance: Yes
Host Organization: Integrated Education Services (IES)
BEGINS: 07/21/2020 12:00 AM
ENDS: 08/03/2020 12:00 AM
Appoval Deadline: 5 day(s) after Enrollment
Class Times:
08/03/2020 08:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  Online-Details will be sent out prior via email (Online)
08/12/2020 08:30 AM - 10:30 AM
  Online-Details will be sent out prior via email (Online)
Erica Case
Kristina Dahmer
Donna Nowak
Minimum Enrollment: 5
Maximum Enrollment: 40
Cost/Fees: Free
Contact Information:
Name: Sue Vendette
Email: svendette@e2ccb.org
Phone Number:
Fax Number:

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