Monroe 1 BOCES
Service Divisions: Cross Contracts
Service Code(s): 510.491
Service Aid Status: Aidable

Scoring Coordination

This service will provide the organization and management necessary to complete the scoring of any grade 3-8 NYS assessment or Regent exam. District scorers will be trained using the scoring guides written and provided by SED.

Basis for Charge:  Daily rate plus materials

Scoring Processing

Provides materials, scanning, processing, and reporting for the New York State assessment tests, as required by No Child Left Behind.

This service includes the following:
(1) Preprinted labels, class roster, and answer sheets,

(2) Participation in NYS paper and answer sheet bids,

(3) Reports and files are generated as well as electronic file transfers to Data Warehouse
for additional processing,
(4) Each test is processed with Data Warehouse demographic data and edited for      accuracy and completeness,
(5) After final processing, files are transferred to the Data Warehouse for storage and
New York State submission.

Basis for Charge:  Unit Cost

Core Services

Service Code: 510.491.100

TheMAARS staff will provide districts with guidance and training on:
- NCLB and NYS Accountability
- Content Area and Graduation Requirements
- NYS Assessment Administration and Scoring
- Data Tools - nySTART and Data Warehouse

DataDriven Instructions

SchoolData Inquiry Teams

MAARS will also provide districts with:
- Comparative Test Reports which includes
  elementary, intermediate, Regents andAP data.
- Facilitation of out-of-district placement contacts for NYS assessments

StateEducation Department's regulations require participation by each district.

Basis for Charge: RWADA

Cost: N/A
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