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2023 - 2024 S3 Professional Development

The CVES Instructional Services Center is "Going Green"

Electronic Professional DevelopmentRegistration Process

“The Instructional Services Center at CVES strives to offer high quality professional development to educators across the region with the ultimate goal of enhancing teaching and learning in our schools.  We are committed to supporting our component school districts and responding to the needs based on data analysis.  Professional development is critical to the future success of our students.”

1.  Choose a catalog. Browse the offerings.
2.  Find an appropriate activity?  Click "Enroll."
3. CVES staff will follow the "Enroll" process as this is your home site. 
CVES Guest Users (non-CVES Employees)who have WinCap
WEB accounts will be asked to log-in (if you do not have a WinCapWEB account,please continue to step 4).  Use the same email and password to log-in and create a guest account at Clinton-Essex-Warren-Washington BOCES. Your email will link your home WinCapWEB account and BOCES' WinCapWEB PD account. 

Once the guest user creates his/her account and enrolls, if the guest's home site does not use WinCap
PD the guest will be asked to enter their direct supervisor's email and first and last name.  The guest's supervisor will be emailed an enrollment acknowledgement which will allow the guest's supervisor to approve or disapprove the guest's enrollment request.  The supervisor may approve and forward the acknowledgment approval email to other home site approvers.

If the guest's home site uses WinCap
PD, the home site will be set up to have the user's enrollment redirected to the guest's home site where the guest will complete their home site's registration process and route through the home site electronic approval process. 

With either process, once the guest's home site provides a final approval, CVES' PD Final Approver can then approve the guest request and the user's approval status changes from "Pending" to "Enrolled" at CVES and in the user's "My Activities."

4.  If you do not have a WinCap
account and you choose to enroll in an activity, you can create a guest account at CVES.  It is highly recommended that you use your work email.

Note:  Users who are registering for CVES  professional development offerings and have a home site WinCap
WEB  account will see a "Change Site" button on their login.  The "Change Site" button allows the user to toggle between their home site and the other site(s) where the user has registered for WinCapWEBPD.  The "Change Site" button looks like:

5.  After you enroll, notice the approval process that is listed.  You can check the status of your request (approvals) anytime through your WinCapWEB PD account. 
6.  Keep checking your home dashboard to review your approval status and view your PD Clock Hours, both requested (in-progress) and completed.
7.  Reminders and final request approval emails are sent from "WinCap
WEB AutoAdmin."

Do you need help with your WinCapWEB PDaccount?  Contact:

Champlain Valley Educational Services

Instructional Services Center

Angela Jennette


(518)561-0100 X 353

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