Monroe 1 BOCES
Career & Technical Education
Service Divisions: Career & Technical Ed
Program: Eastern Monroe Career Center
Service Code(s): 101.000
Service Aid Status: Aidable
Eastern Monroe Career Center offers 18 programs in human and public services, medical careers, technology, business, trade and industrial fields to high school students during their junior and/or senior year. Students attend a morning session (8:20-10:40 am) or an afternoon session (11:45 -1:50 pm), and engage in hands-on learning activities that teach skills and attitudes needed in business, industry and service sectors. Real life work experiences are offered in all courses. Many career and technical education programs offer college credits to students while they are enrolled in high school. Students may also earn high school credit in English 12, mathematics, science, health and social studies.
Cost: $10,812.00 PER PUPIL
Michael Ehret

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